A smart way to manage your



Throughout our lives, we have always been connected in some way, and after going around in circles and sharing many coffees, imagining and devising projects that we knew we had to carry out together, we finally decided to give shape to this one.

An idea that stemmed from the desire to make your life easier, both personally and professionally, offering you a thousand ways to manage that time you lack, finding anything you need but don’t even know where to start searching, streamlining procedures that seem overwhelming to you, providing professional solutions to your company for any urgency or unforeseen event, solving your day-to-day without you lifting a finger, in short, being your time.

What can we do for you?

Tell us what you need, what process you don’t know where to start, what task you don’t have time to carry out, or simply what you’re looking for and can’t find, and we will do the impossible to search for it, manage it, process it, do it or get it for you.

We just want to be your time.